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Utusan Malaysia, June 10, 1999

Nestle To Withdraw
European Products

Kuala Lumpur, June 10 - Nestle Malaysia said today it will temporarily withdraw from the market products imported from Europe that were manufactured after Jan 1 following a ban announced by the Health Ministry yesterday.

The company said it will also withdraw products containing imported ingredients from Europe until they have been certified safe for consumption.

The ministry's ban on imported meat, eggs and dairy products followed the discovery of dioxin, a cancer-causing chemical, in animal feed and foodstuff in Belgium.

Nestle said the products it was withdrawing included Pre-Nan, Nan 1, Nan 2, Nan 2 with Bifidus, Nan HA, Neslac with Bifidus, Klim Superkid, Nespray Junior/Growing-Up Milk, Nespray Hi-Calcium Non Fat Milk Powder and Milkmaid condensed milk (525g).

Milkmaid condensed milk (397g), Teapot condensed milk and Athlete condensed milk products were manufactured locally and therefore safe for consumption, the company said in a statement.

It said a limited quantity of Lactogen products were affected while the rest used ingredients sourced from Australia.

Nestle said its other products like Milo, Nespray milk powder, Klim milk powder, Neslac milk powder, Nestle cereals, yogurt and chocolate pudding and Nestle full cream milk were dioxin-free.

They are manufactured in Malaysia with dairy ingredients sourced from Australia and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Mead Johnson Nutritionals said it had recommended retailers to hold its products that were manufactured after Jan 1 until official certification was ascertained.

Its marketing director, Rowena Danker, said in a statement that retailers were however told to release products for sale which were manufactured before Jan 1.

She gave an assurance that the company's infant formulas - Enfalac, Enfapro, Enfagrow, Olac, Pregestimil, Enfalac Premature and Enfalac AR were safe.

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