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Myanmar Bans Imports in Dioxin Scare

Associated Press Online - June 13, 1999 09:47

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YANGON, Myanmar (AP) - Myanmar became the latest Asian country Sunday to announce a ban on imports of meat and dairy products from European nations over fear of dioxin contamination.

The Health Ministry order, announced in official newspapers, bars the import, storage and sale of the products - including frozen and canned meat, egg and dairy products, milk powder, cakes and chocolates.

One of Asia's poorest countries, Myanmar, also known as Burma, imports small quantities of such products.

Nations around the world that have imposed bans on a variety of European food products since it was revealed a Belgian company produced animal feed laced with the cancer-causing chemical.

European Union officials insist that no products traced from the tainted feed have been exported outside the 15-nation EU and have called such blanket bans an overreaction.

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