• Meat and meat products;
  • edible fats and cooking oil;
  • eggs and egg products;
  • milk and milk products;
  • foods with more than two percent egg content;
  • special purpose food containing milk, egg, meat and their products;
  • and milk chocolate.
  • Meat and meat products includes fresh meat, frozen meat, dried meat, canned meat, meat extracts and food gelatine, while edible fats and cooking oil included dripping, suet and pig fat.

    Milk and milk products are milk, fresh milk, skimmed milk, pasteurized milk, UHT milk, full cream milk, cultured milk, condensed milk, cream, pasteurized cream, butter, cheese and ice-cream.

    Foods containing more than two percent egg refer to pasta, flour confectionery and mayonnaise.

    Special purpose foods include infant formula, baby cereals, low-energy food, dietary formula food.

    Health Ministry identified six brands of milk powder
    suspected to be contaminated with dioxin.

    The following are some of the items that have been taken off the shelves :

  • Crackers and Biscuits McVities, Kjeldsens, Van Delft Marie, Loacker, Kerk, Hellenia Fourre.

  • Chocolates Kinder, Lindt, Droste, Ritter, Toblerone, Ferrero Roche.

  • Infant Formula and Other Milk Nespray Junior/Growing-Up Milk, Klim Superkid, Milkmaid Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk (525g), Mamamil (Dumex), Mamaplus (Dumex), SMA (Wyeth), Milumil (Milupa), Milupa Cereals, Pre-Nan, Nan 1, Nan 2, Nan 2 With Bifidus, Nan Ha, Neslac With Bifidus, Nespray Junior, Nespray Hi-Calcium

  • * Lactogen 1 and Lactogen 2: contains a very limited quantity of ingredients from Europe.

  • Cheese Laughing Cow, President, Tiger, The Three Cows, Md-Danish, Fmrorg, Puck, Embong and cheese from Britain, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Switzerland

  • Checking for expiry dates

    How to spot safe milk products
    Product Brand Expiry Date Other Tips Contact
    Pre Nan Dec 2000   1-800-883433 from 8am to 6.30pm (Monday to Friday)
    Nan 1, Nan 2, Nan HA Dec 2000
    Nan 2 Bifidus Jun 2000
    Neslac Bifidus Jun 2000
    KLIM Superkid Dec 2001
    Nespray Junior Mar 2000
    Nespray Growing-Up Milk Mar 2000
    Nespray Hi-Cal Non-Fat Milk Powder Dec 2000
    Milkmaid Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk (525g) Dec 1999
    Wyeth Nutritionals
    S26 Dec 31, 2001 Check stickers against date of manufacture Hotline: 03-582 3111 (Monday-Friday; 8.30am-5.15pm);

    Fax: 03-582 3133

    Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd
    Mamex Infant Formula Sept 2001   Email:
    Mamil Follow-Up Milk
    Protimex Instant Milk Cereal Dec 2000
    Dutch Baby Milk Industries
    Frisolac I Infant Formula   Check date of manufacture on the product Hotline: 03-757 4867, 03-756 5064
    (Monday to Friday; 8am to 7pm)
    Frisolac II Follow-Up Formula
    Frisovom Specialised Infant Milk

    Company Claims These Are Safe : Some are opposed to above

    Nestle Malaysia assures all consumers that the following products are manufactured in Malaysia with dairy ingredients sourced from Australia/New Zealand and are safe for consumption.

    Products of Bristol Myers Squibb (Mead Johnson Nutritionals) deemed safe:

    Wyeth (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, in a statement, said Wyeth Nutritionals' products in Malaysia, including:

    were manufactured before Jan 1, 1999 and are therefore safe for consumption. Wyeth's S-26, SMA and Promil were manufactured in Ireland, and Wyeth Nutritionals confirms that none of their products were affected following confirmation by their Irish suppliers of milk, the statement said.

    For confirmation:

    Toll-free-number :

  • a. 1-800-883-433 from 8am ~ 6:30pm for further info. regarding Nestle's product.
  • b. 1-800-883-585.
  • Health Ministry's hotline : 03-2555943, 2533462 or Fax 2537804 (8am~4pm)

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